Why choose Atlegang?

With extensive experience across a wide variety of industries, we will use best practices for every client

My situation is unique

We do not design and implement one-size-fits-all solutions and will provide bespoke services to you

How do I get hold of you?

Visit us at 10 Le Roux Avenue, Halfway Gardens, Midrand or call us on 065 888 0260

What are your charges?

We do not have a standard price list, as each client we interact with has a unique set of requirements and circumstances. We would first conduct an assessment of your books and tax status (at no cost or obligation), and then prepare a unique proposal for you.

Is it possible to meet over the weekend/after normal working hours?

No problem at all. By assisting our clients we can make ourselves available for meetings, advice or consultations at times outside of the standard working hours should this be required.

Is your client base industry specific or do your clients come from a variety of industries?

We have over the years established a high quality client base in a multiple industries which gives us the ability to replicate best-practice in same industries to our clients.

How can we legally reduce my companies’ tax burden?

We are tax specialists and will be able to perform an assessment of your business and maximise the various options available to legally reduce your tax exposure.

I’m doing a tender and I need a tax compliance PIN, a BBBEE certificate and a Letter of Good Standing for COID. Is this something you can help me with.

We can certainly assist you herewith in a short space of time. We also have a Commissioner of Oaths readily available at our office to speed up required certifications and sworn affidavits as part of the service at minimal cost or inconvenience

I’m applying for a bank loan for myself/my business. Can you assist us with all their requirements?

We are working closely with all the major banks in South Africa and familiar with the specific requirements for a business owner trying to secure a bank loan.

I want to get legal employment contracts for my employees and put my staff onto a proper payroll, can you assist us with that?

We have up to date employment contract templates readily available that are in full compliance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

SARS has sent us a final letter of demand. What must I do?

We are very experienced in dealing with SARS debt collection procedures and response requirements. We have also established a network of strong contacts within SARS that will assist you in resolving your tax debt status in an amicable and satisfactory manner.

I’m due a large VAT refund from SARS but they are ignoring my letters sent to them. Can you help me?

We are well versed in assessing the reasons for the delay, reviewing the validity of the documentation sent to SARS and liaising with SARS to accelerate the VAT refund.

I need to formalise the agreement with the other shareholders, can you help me with that?

We have established a strong network of excellent business partners and specialists in fields other than ours which can be tapped into at short notice and at reasonable rates similar to ours to assist our clients.

Enjoy complete peace of mind

With a competent and experienced business support partner behind you, you can rest assured that your accounts, financial statements, tax and statutory obligations are well taken care of.

Contact us for a discussion about your requirements.